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FY-10DC water-cooled spot welder adopts the most advanced Hybrid Technology IGBT inverter with dual full bridge soft switching circuit technology providing quality spot welds with all new high-strength steels. The spotter features an original ABB rectifier, American original FLOJET water-cooling system, colorful LCD display and touchscreen system that is capable of displaying welding material, time, power and thickness of various welding modes. Easy to learn how to use. Sophisticated circuitry ensures the highest accuracy in reading data. The core components are imported from European premium brands to enhance overall performance and for quality assurance. FY-10DC inverter spot welder with double-sided C-type gun keeps you in pace with the world.



  • Designed to spot weld different types of steel such as double-layer and multi-layer high-strength steel.
  • Double-sided C-type gun with double-piston design allows 360? rotation in stable pressure.
  • Automatic mains voltage monitoring, open-phase protection for input voltage.
  • Precise overheating protection.
  • Automatic current testing system with precision to ensure the stability of related parameters.
  • Precision overcurrenting protection to ensure safety in usage.
  • Single-sided and double-sided spot welding.
  • Various welding procedures are available such as shrinking, washer welding, dent pulling spot welding, flattening, waveform wire welding, stud welding, OT washer welding, triangle washer welding etc.
  • Complete with air filter and pressure regulator.
  • Uniquely designed gun cable support arm allows flexible movement with 360? rotation.
  • Branded original IGBT inverter imported from Europe.
  • Branded amorphous high frequency relay.
  • Fully automatic water cooling system.
  • Welding parameters calculating function.
  • Automatically identify and protect against welding pressure.
  • Multiple system languages.

 Technical data

Input voltage:
Input power:
Input current:
Max welding current:
One-side welding thickness:
Two-side welding thickness:
Air supply pressure:
Operation way:
Welding time:

AC400V 50/60Hz
Electronic timer continuously



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