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Our new multifunctional spot welders with dent pullers are an updated version of our previous models with a digital control panel that gives the user more control over their work. Settings are input via the soft touch key panel and can be changed to the nearest decimal point. They also feature stepless current regulation so that the current can be set to your precise needs to the nearest 1 amp. With accurate control over the parameters at your fingertips, these machines will help you tailor repair jobs and achieve excellent results for each individual customer.
? Microprocessor control system optimizes the welding parameters. Due to the adoption of advance digital control technology and user friendly design, all you have to do is select the welding current corresponding to the workpiece thickness to achieve the best weld quality.
? Automatic mains voltage monitoring.
? Digital control system offers greater stability of the output power.
? The welding gun testing function evaluates the usage status of welder more comprehensively.
? Overheat protection.
? High precision time and power adjustment system.
? Complete with triangle washers for dent pulling.
? Various welding procedures are available such as shrinking, washer welding, dent pulling, spot welding, flattening, wavy wire welding, stud welding, OTwasher welding, triangle washer welding etc.
? Digital display.
? Large pulling hammer and waveform wire welding.
? Stepless current regulation.
Input voltage:
Input power:
Input current:
Max welding current:
One-side welding thickness:
Vacuum suction:
Cable length:
AC 220V or 380V
620 x 450 x 980MM
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